‘Big Brother 20’: Who got the worst Crap App? [POLL]

Faysal, Rachel and Haleigh were the unlucky “winners” of the Crap App on “Big Brother 20,” being the least trending houseguest each week. Their punishments have varied from eating to verbal abuse and from lasting one whole week to just 24 hours. But whose Crapp was the worst?

Faysal: Hamazon
Honestly, we’re not sure why Fessy chose Hamazon. He’s a Muslim and “ham” is right there in the name, so you have to assume ham would be involved somehow. Nevertheless, that’s what he picked and thankfully “Big Brother” hooked him up with vegan ham, which he had to eat every time there was a Hamazon delivery. And there were lots. This lasted for a full week. It was gross. We don’t even want to him about how many pounds of ham he consumed.

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Rachel: Yell!
Rachel went with Yell!, which deployed a man into the house to chastise Rachel’s terrible game for 24 hours. Think Zingbot, but with a human man, and loud, angry yelling instead of snarky zingers. It was funny, but ultimately harmless — he took shots at her game but also random stuff, like her coffee-making. Rachel took it like a champ, which was good to see after she took it so personally when she found out she was the least trending houseguest, wrongly associating it with being the least liked. Also, this is the shortest one of all three, so Rachel is the true winner here.

Haleigh: Read It!
Haleigh has to perform “Hamlet” in costume and with a Shakespearean accent during the week until the entire play is done. This one is just time-consuming, but Haleigh seems to be having fun with it and is reading as quickly as she can to get it over with. It’s like one of those costume “Big Brother” punishments that’s more annoying than anything, but it doesn’t impact your game. Haleigh has also never read the Bard classic, so this is good for her own erudition.

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