Who’s had the worst HOH reign on ‘Big Brother 20’ so far? [POLL]

We’re only five weeks into the longest season of “Big Brother” ever, but it’s certainly not lacking in drama, much of which has been brought on by messy Head of Household reigns. We’re not sure what’s in the HOH baskets this season, but almost every HOH so far has made some terrible, awful, ill-advised mistake. But who has been the worst so far? Let’s break it down.

Week 1: Tyler
Tyler was the first HOH, which has its pros and cons. He opted to nominate Steve and Sam because they did the worst in the HOH comp, which is the safe thing to do in the first week when you’re still feeling everyone out and building relationships. Where Tyler really shone was coercing people (ahem, Kaitlyn) to evict Steve instead of Sam, giving us our first blindside and a taste of how casually manipulative he can be.

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Week 2: Kaitlyn
Krazy Kaitlyn produced the first backdoor of the season, but she backdoored her own alliance member. In the second week. When he didn’t even do anything serious to betray her. Look, Swaggy C is loud and arrogant and obnoxious, but it made zero sense for Kaitlyn’s game to target him. Swaggy was Tyler’s target and Tyler got Kaitlyn to unknowingly do his bidding for him. She blew up FOUTTE and made herself a target.

Week 3: Scottie
Objectively, Scottie has had the most successful HOH reign so far. He didn’t care about getting “blood on his hands” and nominated the two people he wanted out, Brett and Winston. Then he won Veto, giving him full power that week. There was still a blindside since Winston, not Brett like half the house expected, went packing, but Scottie’s goal was to break up the bros and he accomplished it.

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Week 4: Sam
There was no reason for Sam to win this HOH, but she insisted on it, yelling at Tyler to throw it to her, because she wanted control over the nominees, one of whom would have the chance to return via her Bonus Life Power App. Her target, Kaitlyn, was evicted and hilariously failed the Bonus Life comp, so Sam’s reign wasn’t a wash. But her social game took a huge hit after she inexplicably made things personal, slut-shaming Kaitlyn and Haleigh for “hanging all over” the guys and accusing them of not having self-respect. Shout-out to the “Big Brother 20” editors for including a clip of Sam rolling around with Faysal under a blanket and telling him she loves him. Her sanctimonious comments were not a good look and the fan-favorite status she accrued as RoboSam is dwindling.

Week 5: Bayleigh
Bayleigh’s HOH reign is not over yet, but girl is drunk with power. More so than Sam, who laid down HOH room rules, Bayleigh is acting like she’ll be HOH for the rest of the season, demanding loyalty from everyone and reprimanding her own alliance members to get in line if they remotely disagreed with her. She has a serious case of HOHitis, so someone should remind her that HOHs last one week and she’ll be back on the bottom of the barrel by the end of Thursday. But the worst thing she’s done so far is tell friggin’ Rachel about her Power App. And then she nominated her. Rachel, who’s on the other side of the house and can now use it as leverage against Bayleigh. Meanwhile, save for Fessy, the rest of Bayleigh’s alliance does not know about it.

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