61% of ‘Big Brother’ fans defend Scottie against bros Brett and Winston: He ‘made a smart game move!’ [POLL RESULTS]

Scottie Salton “made a smart game move!” That’s what 61% of “Big Brother” fans say about Scottie’s decision to nominate bros Brett Robinson and Winston Hines for eviction in Week 3. The bros gave Scottie a lot of grief for his decision, with Brett calling him “an idiot” and Winston threatening to come after him “next week.” But only 32% of viewers agree with the bros’ assertion, according to our recent poll results. The remaining 7% voted that they’ll “have to think about it more.”

After the bros cooled off in Wednesday’s episode, they came up with an eye-rolling plan to ask Scottie to be in a Final 3 alliance with them that nobody would see coming. Their secret deal entailed Scottie removing Brett with the Veto medallion, backdooring Kaitlyn Herman, and then keeping their distance from each other for the duration of the game to avoid suspicion.

Unfortunately for them, Kaitlyn was blessed with an intuitive vision of this happening and went to Scottie, who spilled the beans about the bros’ plan. Kaitlyn then went crazy and exposed their secret deal to the entire house, blowing up their game.

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By drawing the line in the sand between himself and the bros, Scottie became an unlikely power player in the “Big Brother” house. But his power is nothing compared to Sam Bledsoe‘s Bonus Life. If Sam opts to use it this week (as opposed to next week when it must be used) that means whichever bro the house votes out will get to return to the game if they win a challenge. Gold Derby’s racetrack odds predict that Winston will be evicted on Thursday, so if the stars align he’ll get to make good on his threat to evict Scottie next week.

“The amount of charisma you have is just ridiculous,” Scottie had told Brett at the nominations ceremony. “You’re ridiculously charming. Like, I totally get lulled in every single time I talk to you.” As for why he nominated Winston, Scottie remarked, “I literally just tried to evict you yesterday so it would make perfect sense for you to just toss me up. That’s pretty much the logic to it.”

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