‘Big Brother’ twist: How to use the CBS Messenger Bot on #BB20

The twist for season 20 of “Big Brother” that was announced on Wednesday’s premiere has gone live and it is already twisting in the wind. While it is complicated, think of it as last year’s “Den of Temptation” updated. #BB20 fans can vote for their favorite houseguests who will be rewarded while those with low vote totals will be saddled with a punishment.

To cast your 10 votes, you’ll need to learn your way around the CBS Messenger Bot, which is easier said than done. It kept crashing in the first few hours that it was live. Voting will close each Thursday at noon ET/ 9 a.m. PT and the winner will be announced on Sunday’s show, when voting will start up again.

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Viewers will determine which of the houseguests are trending (or not) throughout the week, be it by watching the CBS episodes or the live feeds. They’ll be the ones to win the weekly entry into the BB App Store. At that point, they will get either rewards or punishments which could affect their standing in the game. A houseguest will be eligible to go to the store just once.

During the voting period, viewers will decide which houseguests they believe to be the best answers to these five questions:

  1. Which Houseguest is most entertaining to watch?
  2. Which Houseguest is annoying you the most?
  3. Which Houseguest’s gameplay is most fun to watch?
  4. Which Houseguest is the funniest?
  5. Which Houseguest has you screaming at the television?

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There are four ways to vote:

Via Facebook: By sending a message at Facebook.com/CBS or in the Facebook Messenger application;

Via Twitter: By sending a message at twitter.com/CBS;

Via Skype: By calling the CBS Messenger Bot; and

Via the Kik app.

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