Will Tyler Crispen join Ross Mathews and Paul Abrahamian as best ‘Big Brother’ players to lose the game?

Without question, Tyler Crispen is playing the best game on Season 20 of “Big Brother.” And that has me worried.

The last two so-called “best players” of their seasons — Ross Mathews of “Celebrity Big Brother” and Paul Abrahamian from “Big Brother” 19 — both ended up losing because their bitter juries failed to respect the intricacies of their games. (See the “BB” winners list.) If Tyler makes it all the way to the Season 20 finale, might he follow in the footsteps of Ross and Paul and — gulp! — lose the final jury vote because he played too hard?

Based on Gold Derby’s exclusive predictions, Tyler is far out front to win Season 20 with leading 8/13 odds. None of his fellow housemates are even close to matching those odds, with Haleigh Broucher (8/1 odds), Sam Bledsoe (11/1 odds), Brett Robinson (14/1 odds) and Scottie Salton (20/1 odds) rounding out the Top 5. See more “Big Brother” odds and rankings.

The inaugural edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” ended with a shocking finale as Ross, the season-long frontrunner, lost to Marissa Jaret Winokur, who rode his coattails the whole time. Even host Julie Chen recently told Gold Derby that Ross “deserved to win.” So what happened? There was a female alliance among the jury members that Ross simply couldn’t convince to vote for him, despite playing the better game and being responsible for the most eliminations.

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In last summer’s Season 19 finale a bitter jury decided that Paul played too aggressively, so they rewarded the $500,000 grand prize to Josh Martinez instead. “The absolute devastation on Paul’s face was painful,” wrote our “BB” recapper Denton Davidson after the shocking results were announced on live television. Our readers clearly thought that Paul would prove victorious on finale night, as he had overwhelming 8/11 odds to win compared to Josh’s 7/2 odds.

“Big Brother” fans, do YOU think that if Tyler makes it to the season finale he will follow in the footsteps of Ross and Paul and lose because he played too hard? Or is Tyler’s jury management much better than the two also-rans who came before him? Sound off down in the comments section.

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