‘Black Panther’ surpasses the first ‘Avengers’ at the box office, but it won’t surpass ‘Infinity War,’ according to readers

After six weeks in theaters “Black Panther” has finally been thwarted at the box office, falling to second place with $16.6 million grossed over the March 23-25 weekend. “Pacific Rim Uprising” got the better of it, taking the top spot with $28 million. But “Black Panther” may have actually had the bigger weekend when you consider that it just became the highest grossing superhero movie ever at the domestic box office with $630 million, edging out the first “Avengers” movie from 2012. But will it also out-gross the next “Avengers” movie, “Infinity War,” which opens on April 27? Not according to our readers.

Given the record-breaking success of Marvel’s latest, we asked readers how they think its box office totals will compare to “Avengers: Infinity War,” which joins together characters from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe from “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Doctor Strange” — and “Black Panther” too, of course. Two-thirds of them (67%) said that “Avengers” will come out ahead both at the domestic box office and around the world. Only 7% of respondents believe that “Black Panther” will be the top-earner everywhere in the world.

However, 25% of readers think “Infinity War” will make the most money overseas, but that “Black Panther” will retain its domestic crown, which would be consistent with the grosses thus far. Though “Black Panther” is the biggest superhero movie on these shores, its $1.237 billion worldwide earnings are still shy of “The Avengers” ($1.518 billion) and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($1.405 billion). Of course, “Black Panther’s” theatrical run isn’t over yet. How high do you think it will go? Check out our complete poll results below.

black panther poll results

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