‘Black Panther’ sinks ‘Titanic’ at the domestic box office and may soon beat ‘Star Wars’ worldwide

Over the weekend from April 6-8 “Black Panther” took in another $8.4 million at the box office. That was good enough for fourth place in those three days, but it does push the Marvel blockbuster past another significant milestone: it has now grossed more money than “Titanic,” moving it into third place on the all-time list of the highest grossing films of all time domestically.

“Black Panther” has now taken in $665 million, which moves it ahead of “Titanic” ($659 million), not accounting for inflation. James Cameron‘s “Titanic” opened in 1997 and was the top moneymaker for more than a decade before its record was surpassed by Cameron’s own “Avatar” (2009) and then “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015). Those two films still hold the top two slots: “The Force Awakens” brought in an astronomical $936 million, while “Avatar” is second with a remarkable $760 million haul. This late in its run “Black Panther” may not be able to reach those two films barring a future re-release, so it may have to settle for being the third biggest film in US history — oh well.

“Black Panther” doesn’t rank quite as high worldwide, but it’s still fairly gargantuan. As of this writing it has grossed $1.299 billion globally, which places it 10th. It’s within striking distance of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (ninth place, $1.332 billion) and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2” (eighth place, $1.341 billion). On the global playing field, though, Cameron is still the king of the world. “Avatar” took in a seemingly untouchable $2.788 billion worldwide, followed by “Titanic” with $2.187 billion.

How high do you think “Black Panther” will continue to rise? And will its staying power last all the way to the April 27 release of “Avengers: Infinity War,” which also features the heroes from Wakanda?

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