Here’s what Bobby Bones has to say to his haters after his shocking ‘Dancing with the Stars’ victory

It’s safe to say no one was expecting Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess‘ “Dancing with the Stars”‘ victory, least of all themselves, since their jaws dropped straight to the floor.

“We were shocked,” Bones tells “Entertainment Tonight” (watch above). “You have to think about it: We started the show, I’d never danced before. She got stuck with someone — she’s done [the show with] athletes … she got Nick Carter and Antonio Brown, and then all of a sudden she gets Gumby.”

While fans carried them to the win, helping him over come two people with two perfect scores on Monday, Bones is well aware of his detractors who feel like he should’ve been eliminated long ago because of his low scores and lack of ability. He’s disabled comments on his social media pages, so he won’t be seeing any new ones about his upset. But he’s taking the high road and has “nothing” to say to his haters.

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“I turned it off not because it was hurting me, but because my people were fighting with them and I didn’t want that to happen. I try to take any sort of negativity out of my space because once it’s in me and around me, it affects me. So I eliminated it,” Bones explains. “I wasn’t angry. People say things all the time, and they have the absolute right to have their opinion, but I try to keep good people around me because it makes me a better person.”

Bones gives all the credit to Burgess for turning him into somewhat of a dancer to get to this point. The best part of their win, he shares, is that she finally has a Mirrorball trophy after 12 seasons and coming up short in four finals. “I’m the most happy for frickin’ Sharna, because she deserved this,” he says.

Burgess was the longest tenured pro without a win and was the only female pro this season who had yet to win. “This is probably the sweetest win that I could have had over seven [years],” she says. “The journey that we had together, what we represented, and to hold a Mirrorball trophy at the end of that, I mean, it’s just it’s beautiful.”

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“The hardest work you had to do too,” Bones quips.

As for where they’re going to put their Mirrorballs, they’re both going to be keeping them close by for a bit.  “It’s really heavy, my arms are gonna be an amazing shape,” Burgess says. “I’m gonna bring it with me everywhere for a while.”

“I’m gonna sleep with it every night. I’m probably gonna get it it’s own Bumble profile. It’s a whole thing,” Bones jokes. “Listen, we’re best buds now so I’m looking out for him too so.”

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