Brendan Fraser (‘Trust’) ‘demands respect’ as kidnapping investigator, but he ‘doesn’t carry a gun, he wears a Stetson’ [WATCH]

“That’s who Chase is: he doesn’t carry a gun, he wears a Stetson. He demands respect, but I like to think he earns it too,” said Brendan Fraser when discussing his role as James Fletcher Chase in the new FX drama series “Trust,” which tells the true story of the infamous 1973 kidnapping of oil heir John Paul Getty III (played by Harris Dickinson). Fraser was in New York with his co-stars on March 15 to discuss the series. Watch him above.

Chase is a “mysterious guy,” a former spy who works for tycoon J. Paul Getty (played by Donald Sutherland) as his “bagman, his negotiator, his consigliere of sorts.” When Getty’s grandson is believed to be kidnapped in Italy Chase is the one sent to investigate. Chase “has deep admiration for Getty,” said Fraser, and “although he may not necessarily agree with the principles [Getty] lives by,” he’s genuinely concerned for the well-being of his employer’s family.

In pursuing the truth Chase strategically makes a spectacle of himself. “He is the brassy American in the room wrapped in the stars and stripes,” Fraser explains of the bolo tie-wearing yankee, who tries to get the attention of unsavory characters in Rome by “waving cash in fistfuls.” But he’s not recklessly courting trouble, he’s trying to “play the fool” to get those he’s investigating to let down their guard, “and then trust his gut and know that something just doesn’t add up.”

But for the audience Fraser also acts as a kind of “Greek chorus,” breaking the fourth wall at certain points “to tell your audience what they need to know so they can come along on this journey.” He admits that part of his role was “anxiety-provoking,” but it was also “a very important tool in telling the story.”

Will you join Fraser on the journey when it begins on March 25 on FX?

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