Brian King Joseph (‘America’s Got Talent’) exit interview: ‘I am afraid of heights,’ but epic violin performance ‘was worth it’

“I am afraid of heights, but it was worth it to be up there and just pull off an amazing performance,” reveals “America’s Got Talent” finalist Brian King Joseph in his new exit interview (watch above) about when he descended from the sky. This talented electronic violinist made it all the way to third place in the Season 13 finale, losing out to winner Shin Lim and runners-up Zurcaroh. But he was all smiles as he said goodbye to “AGT” and thanked his fans for their unwavering support.

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“I just wanted to give a huge, big thank-you and shout-out to everyone who’s been supporting me, who’s been voting for me, who’s been just with me on this journey,” Brian told “AGT” fans. “It means so, so, so much to have you guys commenting and tweeting and talking to me about me. So shout-out to everybody out there. You guys are the best. Love you.”

“My life has completely been a crazy roller coaster ride over the past few months,” Brian added. Besides the time he descended from the sky, Brian also recalled his other favorite performances on “America’s Got Talent.” “In my first audition Heidi Klum walked up on stage and hugged me. Then in the live rounds I played with crazy back-up dancers and fire.”

Brian concluded, “It’s crazy just to be on this entire journey this whole season. All those crazy moments and really just being able to find myself as a musician and as a performer and challenge myself to the limits of what I can do has been amazing for me. To be able to believe in myself and to say, ‘Throw it at me. I can take whatever you’ve got.'”

For Brian’s final performance on “Americas Got Talent” 2018, he took on Kanye West‘s “Heartless” while dressed all in white. Following his act, which included red-hot flames behind him, Brian shouted, “Take me on tour, Kanye! Let’s go!” Head judge Simon Cowell was so impressed with the performance that he raved, “Look, I think you’ve got a real shot here. I think this show — I hope — will change your life. You deserve it.”

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