‘World of Dance’: The hip-hop team Brotherhood made Canada proud, so pass the maple syrup and poutine, eh [WATCH]

“It’s not just snow and maple syrup,” said a member of the Canadian hip-hop dance troupe Brotherhood before their performance on “World of Dance” during “The Qualifiers 6.” “We actually have a huge dance scene there that’s exploding right now.” Brotherhood have been together for more than seven years, starting their career by training in the basement of a church. They’re hoping to win the million-dollar grand prize in order to get a studio space they can “call home.”

But while Canada is more than just maple syrup, you can’t have a Canadian hip-hop dance routine without a little bit of ice hockey as a performance theme. They dressed in hockey uniforms and incorporated hockey sticks as props. What did you think of their performance? Watch it above, and find out what the judges had to say below.

Derek Hough: “You guys were clean. It was intricate. You guys were all in sync together. I actually loved the use of the prop because it wasn’t too much. If you move forward to the next round, just think about how you can keep upping your game. That was a good first qualifying round, but keep growing, keep pushing yourselves.”

Ne-Yo: “I wanted more of the prop to be honest with you. When the sticks came out I was expecting maybe some twisting or something. I liked when you turned your friend into a hockey puck, that was kind of cool. The one thing that stood out to me: the facial expressions gave me kind of a cheerleader-esque vibe. But great job.”

Jennifer Lopez: “For me, it started off a little bit slow — okay, cool little hip-hop dance moves. And then it got more intricate. But there was an [it factor] that was lacking for me. I need a little bit more grittiness, dirtiness, getting into it because that’s what you’re up against.”

Our hip-hop neighbors to the north barely squeaked through the qualifying round. While they got an 85 from Hough and an 81 from Ne-Yo, they only got a 75 from Lopez, which brought their average down to 80.3, but it was just enough to advance them to the next stage of the competition. It looks like they’ll have to improve to stay competitive, though.

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