Carl Boudreaux (‘Survivor’ 37) exit interview on ‘Godfather’ nickname and using the idol nullifier [PODCAST]

“That’s a good nickname to have,” Carl Boudreaux tells Gold Derby about being dubbed the “Godfather” by his fellow “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” tribe mates. “Not very many people can be labeled as the ‘Godfather,’ you know? Who wouldn’t want that to be their nickname?” Carl reveals that he had no idea they were all calling him by that moniker and that he only found out by “watching the episode” in which he was eliminated. Listen to our exit interview above.

Carl will go down in “Survivor” history as being the first person to find and properly play an idol nullifier, something he takes great pride in. “It was definitely not the easiest advantage to have,” he states. “Out of all of the advantages that’s ever been in the game of ‘Survivor,’ in my opinion I would have to say that that’s the hardest one. You have to put in so much work. You have to gather so much intel. So yeah, it definitely was not an easy advantage, but I am proud of myself that I did play it correctly for the first time in ‘Survivor’ history.”

As for his elimination, Carl admits, “I was very shocked. I did not see that coming at all. I mean, I had no clue that two of my people in my alliance [Christian Hubicki and Gabby Pascuzzi] would flip on me. That was a definite blindside.” Christian and Gabby joined up with Alison RaybouldKara Kay and Mike White to send Carl to Ponderosa, officially blurring the David and Goliath tribal lines.

Does Carl regret lying to Gabby about Alison being the real target? “I had a hard time communicating with Gabby,” Carl confesses. “When I talk to people I talk straightforward, like I don’t BS anybody. Gabby’s a little emotional so Gabby took that as if my sternness was harsh to her, so if I could have changed any of that I probably would have had Davie Rickenbacker or possibly Nick Wilson do that talking and not me.”

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