Charity and Andres wow the ‘World of Dance’ judges with their romantic contemporary routine [WATCH]

Charity and Andres had such good chemistry while performing on “World of Dance” that judge Ne-Yo thought they must be a couple. That turned out not to be the case, which is a testament to how well they connected to each other while performing their contemporary routine during “The Qualifiers 2.” Watch their performance above.

They have talent beyond their years. Both Charity and Andres are 17-years-old, so they’re competing in the Junior Division with performers under the age of 18. And they were so determined to succeed on “World of Dance” that they even created a vision board for it and practiced in front of stuffed animals representing judges Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough.

All that prep work paid off in a performance that got a standing ovation from all three judges as soon as it was over. Ne-Yo thought was million-dollar-worthy. And Lopez felt they moved as if they were one dancer.

In the “Qualifiers” round the contestants had to earn an average score of 80 or more to move on to the next round of head-to-head single elimination “Duels.” Charity and Andres not only blew that number out of the water, they also earned the highest score of any contestant who appeared on Tuesday night’s show. They got a 97 from Ne-Yo, a 96 from Lopez, and a 93 from Hough, which gave them a whopping average of 95.3.

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