Charity and Andres made ‘World of Dance’ history with this flawless Duels performance [WATCH]

Watch your backs, Karen y Ricardo! During the Qualifiers that ballroom duo posted the highest average score in “World of Dance” history (99.7) … until now. In the second week of the Duels Charity and Andres made history with the first perfect score ever: 100 out of 100 from every judge for an average of — let me check my math here — 100!

But this is only just the Duels. Now they have to try to outdo themselves in the Cut, and if they make it there they’ll have to step it up even more in the Division Finals. And then the World Finals. But with this ferocious “Hunger Games”-style routine, they have established themselves as the dancers with perhaps the best chance of defeating Karen y Ricardo for the grand prize at the end of the season.

Watch Charity and Andres’s performance above, and read what the judges had to say — after they caught their breath — below.

Jennifer Lopez: “It felt so new and disruptive — #disruptive. that blind jump onto his back, with him not even — ‘She’s just going to jump on my back right now.’ He knew it was coming. Like, if it’s timed — I don’t even understand what the hell! That was ‘The Matrix’!”

Ne-Yo: “Beyond the amazingness of the dance, a crystal-clear storyline, on top of the fact that you did things with your bodies that human beings just can’t do. How do you top that?”

Derek Hough: “There’s something to be said about when you choreography your own routines you know what you’re capable of doing. You know your limits. You know your strengths. And you guys choreographed a routine that didn’t just play to your strengths, it surpassed it. It transcended dance. It was so amazing.”

It was perfect scores all around from the judging panel, but if you consider both the Duels and the Qualifiers, Karen y Ricardo have still averaged higher so far. So if it came down to a head-to-head match between these two duos, who do you think would win based on what you’ve seen so far? Vote in our poll below.

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