Charity and Andres (‘World of Dance’) tried to be perfect again during The Cut, but did they succeed? [WATCH]

The “World of Dance” Junior Division achieved some of the highest scores recorded for any division during the Duels round, but no one had more pressure on them than Charity and Andres, the teenagers who made history by being the first (and so far only) act in the history of the show to achieve a perfect score of 100. Were they just as good during the Cut? Watch their performance above and decide for yourself.

While showing their routine to Ne-Yo and special guest Mel B during their mentoring session, they admitted to struggling with perfectionism in trying to prove that they really deserved the perfect score they received in the last round. After a pep talk from their mentors they took the stage for a performance that was bold in how different it was from their perfect Duel dance. This Cut performance to “Waves” by Dean Lewis was soft and delicate where their Duel was just that: combative and fierce.

“We started to doubt if we deserved that 100,” said Andres to the judges after their performance. But Jennifer Lopez assured them, “You absolutely deserved that 100” and all they need to do is “keep being the best you every time. You guys are awesome. You have to know that.” Ne-Yo agreed that the dance was “amazing.” Derek Hough said, “I didn’t like this performance … I loved it!” which was kind of a mean way to tease a couple that already admitted their confidence had been shaken. But Hough made up for it in the scores.

Hough gave them a 96, while Lopez gave them a 93 and Ne-Yo — rather stingily in my opinion — gave them an 89. Despite that lower-than-expected mark, they averaged 92.7, which was the highest score in the Junior Division, so they’re on their way to the Divisional Final! Did you like their performance as much as the judges did? Vote in our poll below to let us know who you think should win the Junior Division now that it’s down to the final three.

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