Charity and Andres (‘World of Dance’) World Final performance: There ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ when they’re gone [WATCH]

World of Dance” season two has officially come to an end, and there “Ain’t No Sunshine” when Charity and Andres are gone. The Junior Division champions started the World Final on the right foot even though poor Charity was still dancing on the wrong foot. She was still fighting through a broken toe, which made this routine to Bill Withers‘s “Ain’t No Sunshine” all the more impressive — those pirouettes! Watch it above.

Charity and Andres were mentored by judge Derek Hough during the World Final, and he’s the one who picked “Ain’t No Sunshine” for them, hoping to get them to tap into their emotional energy. He wanted them to surprise him again after they made history earlier in the competition by earning the show’s first (and still only) perfect 100 score. And after they performed their final routine Hough gave them a standing ovation and congratulated them on a “great job,” especially pointing out their great partner work.

Ne-Yo thought they were “so strong” that he was actually “envious” of their ability. “It’s damn near perfection every time you guys touch the stage.” And Jennifer Lopez said that they were “the standout couple of the year.”

Unfortunately, they fell a little bit short. After their two World Final performances were averaged together they ended the night with 94.3, which placed them third. But they were less than two points behind runner-up Michael Dameski (96), and just over three points behind the winners The Lab (97.5). Imagine what they could have done with healthy feet.

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