Chef Ramsay is ‘trimming the fat’ in this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode 7 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 18

This has been quite a dramatic Season 18 of  “Hell’s Kitchen,” what with returning Season 4 chef Jen Gavin accusing Chef Gordon Ramsay of lying and sabotaging her performance, resulting in her getting the boot during the second service. Meanwhile, a fed-up Ramsay decided to dump the much-touted “Veterans vs. Rookies” format by the fourth episode after both teams had a disastrous dinner service. He went back to splitting up the cooks by gender, with the ladies in blue and the men in red. Then last week, just when rookie chef Chris Mendonca managed to serve his best dish yet — a lobster shepherd’s pie that scored a perfect 10 — he began to suffer from mental health issues caused by an accident nine months before and had to leave the show.

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As the series closes in on the midway point this season, episode 7 — “Last Chef Standing” — emphasizes the value of teamwork when it comes to running a restaurant efficiently. To that end, he rewards five of the 11 contestants still left after they did the right thing earlier and exemplified being a team player. Or, as he says in the exclusive clip above, “Tonight, I’m trimming the fat,” while providing helpful scissor gestures with his fingers just in case not everyone gets his point. The rest of the chefs, who are taken aback by the news, will be cooking for their lives.

Whet your appetite for more “Hells Kitchen” excitement by checking out the clip above and tuning into the show to see what chefs are in danger of leaving when it airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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