Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens (‘Doctor Who’ producers): Rule #1 for the new season was ‘don’t break it’ [PODCAST]

The most important goal for new “Doctor Who” showrunner Chris Chibnall and his fellow executive producer Matt Strevens was “don’t break it because it’s awesome.” They discussed the new season of the long-running British sci-fi series with press at New York Comic Con 2018 shortly before the premiere episode was simulcast around the world on October 7. Listen to them in our podcast above, and scroll down to watch their panel discussion that immediately followed the premiere episode.

“What I wanted to do coming in was create a series that reflected my love and passion for the show from being a three-year-old to now,” Chibnall added. And with the introduction of Jodie Whittaker as the first ever female Doctor, he also wanted it to be “something that feels incredibly inclusive … We wanted to do a show that demonstrated the whole breadth and range of what ‘Doctor Who’ can do, that would tell stories that resonate with the world we live in now.”

Strevens stressed that he also “wanted it to feel like a brand new show … We deserve to make sure the show is as fresh and as cutting-edge as we can make it.” As such, it should be able to stand alongside the standard-bearers of the current era of TV like “Game of Thrones,” “Black Mirror,” “Westworld” and “Stranger Things.” “Doctor Who” should feel like “it was connected to the world in 2018,” Chibnall explained. “That was our challenge, and it was not a small challenge.”

Despite the pressure, creating new “Doctor Who” stories was also a pleasure. Chibnall explained, “The joy of doing a season is to try to have as broad a range as possible, so hopefully you’ve got some light stories, you’ve got some emotional stories, you’ve got some creepy stories, you’ve got some darker stories — that’s the joy of ‘Doctor Who.'”

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