Chris Noble (‘Survivor: Ghost Island’) exit interview: My gamble of holding onto the idol ‘didn’t pay off’ [PODCAST]

Even though he had a hidden immunity idol in his pocket, Chris Noble was still voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” in Wednesday’s eighth episode. “I’m well aware the ‘Survivor’ community thinks it was a dumb play, and they’re entitled to their opinion,” Chris tells us the morning after his elimination episode aired on CBS. “In respect, maybe it was sort of a dumb play. But at the same time, the way I live my life and the way I was gonna play this game was I had to take risks. My gamble didn’t pay off.” Listen to our “Survivor” exit interview podcast above.

“I don’t think I would have gone all the way and won ‘Survivor,’ but I definitely think I would have made some noise,” Chris says about how far he could have gone in the game. “If I had that idol the next time around for the next tribal, now I have a vote. And that vote would have been a lot more crucial to my game play. There’s some cool things I could have done with that. What if I won individual immunity at that time? Now that idol lost its power in the game, but I could have created that power some other way, you never know.”

As for this season’s biggest storyline — the feud between Chris and Domenick Abbate — Chris reveals that, had he been allowed to vote, he likely wouldn’t have written Domenick’s name down. “Because I had some alliances that ended up wanting to go with Libby Vincek, I would have used my vote with them because I am a team player.” He later adds, “Dom and I, who by the way we have a great relationship now that all that’s over, had been waiting for this episode basically since we got back to the United States.”

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Also in our “Survivor: Ghost Island” exit interview, Chris discusses what kind of player he’ll vote for to win the $1 million, what personal curse may need to be reversed in a future season, what he thinks of Season 36 overall, and what his response is to Wendell Holland calling him out on his rapping skills. Only 12 castaways still remain in the game. Who will be voted out next week?

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