Chris ‘Swaggy C’ Williams (‘Big Brother’ 20) exit interview: ‘Everybody in there is soft,’ he fumes after being backdoored

“Everybody in there is soft,” Chris “Swaggy C” Williams fumed to “Big Brother” host Julie Chen after his live eviction on Thursday night. “Somebody must have the gift of gab because they keep persuading everybody to get somebody from my side out.” The 23-year old day trader was evicted by a vote of 8-4 over Winston Hines after the reigning Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman used the backdoor method to nominate him during Wednesday’s Veto ceremonyGold Derby’s readers correctly predicted that Swaggy would be eliminated.

“You can’t trust anybody in the house,” Swaggy continued before Chen asked who specifically betrayed him. “Kaitlyn. Haleigh [Broucher]. Haleigh specifically. I’m pretty sure she didn’t vote for me today. Before the eviction she was telling me ‘I’m not too sure how my vote lies.'” Most of Swaggy’s alliance were sporting “Swaggy C” t-shirts but Haleigh refused to wear his self-promoting gear. He even threw some extra shirts into the audience as he exited the house.

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Chen then revealed that Haleigh actually voted to keep Swaggy in the house. “Oh, she did? I didn’t hug her,” Swaggy admitted. “I pushed her away.” Chen then showed Swaggy a clip from his casting reel in which he revealed how the game should be played. “I realize I have to play a game where I’m in an alliance but I’m not the one calling out the shots,” he said in that audition tape. Chen asked, “What happened to that strategy?” Swaggy laughed, “I didn’t take my own advice. When you walk in there everything goes out the window. It doesn’t help that I ended up getting a girlfriend on Day 6.”

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Speaking of his girlfriend, Bayleigh Dayton confessed in her goodbye tape that she loves Swaggy. Chen then posed the question to Swaggy if he loves her in return? “I do. It’s crazy because when you’re in the house you’re with them 24/7 with no social media. No parental contact. When you spend that much time together with somebody individually … we said it to each other last night. I wasn’t bluffing.”

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