Constance Wu (‘Crazy Rich Asians’) on ‘a place that she thinks she’ll belong, but then she doesn’t’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“Rachel grew up in a place where her face was not the dominant culture, so it’s crucial to plot and to story that she goes to a place that she thinks she’ll belong, but then she doesn’t,” actress Constance Wu explains about the summer blockbuster hit romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians.” In our exclusive interview (watch the video above), Wu’s New York-based character Rachel Chu visits Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.

She adds that the Jon Chu film covers “identity as Asian Americans and what it means when you don’t feel like you completely belong in America, but then you go to Asia and you think you might get this recognition, but then Asian-Asian people dismiss you or judge you as other. It’s just this weird in-between place where independence really comes into play because it’s harder to find community.”

Wu’s “Crazy Rich Asians” co-star Michelle Yeoh revealed to us that the plan is to shoot the film adaptations of “China Rich Girlfriend” and “Rich People Problems” — the sequels to “Crazy Rich Asians” in the trilogy of novels by Kevin Kwan — back-to-back, which was news to Wu in our interview. She speculates, “Scheduling-wise, that would depend if I have to go back to do season six of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ and we don’t know any of that yet. Next year, Jon is shooting ‘In the Heights,’ the Lin-Manuel Miranda movie… pretty much all year, so next year is probably not going to be when we shoot it, but the following year (2020) perhaps.”

Wu continues to star weekly in “Fresh Off the Boat,” for which she has been nominated every year that she has been eligible at the Critics’ Choice Awards for Best TV Comedy Actress. Wu explains about the sitcom’s future, “We don’t know if this is going to be the end of it or if we are going to get picked up for another season. They still have me for another two years if they want me and I’m 100 percent there, so it’ll just depend on how the ratings are.” Recent episodes have featured a storyline in which Wu’s character Jessica Huang becomes a horror novelist. Wu says, “That is a direction I never would have expected because she’s not too keen on creative pursuits. She likes practical, functional things that generate income, but it’s also a nice touch because it shows another side of her.”

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