‘Crazy Rich’ holiday party celebrated Warner Bros’ crazy rich year with Michelle Yeoh and Ken Jeong

Warner Brothers has a lot to be happy about this holiday season. They celebrated with critics and two cast members from “Crazy Rich Asians” on Saturday night in “Seinfeld” territory — the Upper West Side. “Isn’t it fantastic?” cheered Michelle Yeoh when I pointed out she’s in a romantic comedy that has made $240 million worldwide. “If you read just my lines in the script you think it’s a serious drama,” she said with a laugh.

She was tight-lipped about anything to do with the her “Star Trek: Discovery” TV series, whose second season premieres in January; when a colleague asks she just makes the lips-zipped gesture. But she did talk about the dangers of high-wire acting in things like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” “There were many near-misses. You get going up there and you can’t stop. One time hanging from a truck I heard the driver say, ‘Oh shit,’ and he just missed hitting another car. It’s scary.”

Across the room Ken Jeong was in the middle of a selfie photo session with KXTV Sacramento’s Mark S. Allen. KPHO Phoenix’s Tara Hitchcock took a few shots of the pair, and then Allen took over. “I do the selfies,” he said with a smile. This is a happy room.

No one from that other Warner Bros. awards contender, “A Star Is Born,” was there, but it hardly mattered. The vibe was convivial. The flat bread pizzas were flowing — one with caviar, thank you very much — and studio publicists had ear-to-ear grins. “Thanks for coming and supporting our stuff,” one said. Sure, it’s his job, but they’re obviously thrilled something like “Crazy” is not only making money but picking up awards. Yeoh seemed almost giddy when I pointed out that the National Board of Review passed over dramas to give them Best Ensemble. And Entertainment Weekly put them on the list of their “Entertainers Of The Year.”

Then Yeoh told me who is really thrilled about the film’s box office. “The Singapore Chamber of Commerce has totally embraced the film. Everyone wants to go there now,” she explained. Put me and Mrs. McCuddy in that line, please. I want to see that giant George Jetson-surfboard-topped building in person.

I eventually found my way back to Jeong. I wanted to know how the inevitable sequel will avoid the fate of so many other disappointing sequels. “It can’t suck,” I pleaded. He smiled and looked at me confidently. “Let’s just get the gang back together. We’ll take it from there,” he assured me.

Yes, they will. And I’m sure Warner Bros. and the Singapore Chamber of Commerce will be very happy. Now where did I put my glass of red wine?

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