Courageous Cubcakes Dance Crew braved the ‘World of Dance’ Duels despite a sudden injury [WATCH]

Some of the youngest competitors on “World of Dance” had one of the biggest scares of the season in the third week of The Duels. While the Cubcakes Dance Crew were preparing for their routine 10 minutes before going on stage, one member landed on her head while practicing a move. But her tearful teammates didn’t let that stop them. They kept it together and performed in arguably the toughest Duel of the night: a three-way Junior Team Division battle in which the pre-teen Cubcakes had to face the older teenagers of Dem Raider Boyz and Flip.

So how did the kids do? Watch their routine above, and read the judges’ comments below.

Jennifer Lopez: “[To injured teammate] Do you know that they just killed that for you? They did so good. They are not scared. You guys are not scared. It is the beauty of youth, and you guys have it in abundance. It is so beautiful to watch you just go out there and use all your spirit, and your spunk, and your grit, and your beauty, all of it. And your attitude is beautiful.”

Derek Hough: “You guys are so sassy it’s ridiculous. When you walked past your competitors they were kind of like, ‘Good luck,’ and you were like, ‘Oh I’m ready to go dance right now.’ And I’m so sorry that your teammate got injured, but I have to say, ladies, we couldn’t tell. And that shows a true team when you can come together at the last moment and pull it together. I’m really proud of you. Well done.”

Ne-Yo: “So clearly the Cubcakes came to play, y’all. They came to play. I love it — sassy, clean. [To injured teammate] You should be super proud of your friends. You should be super proud of your team. Because they came out here and they represented for you. Great job.”

Though the Cubcakes were the sentimental favorites due to their precociousness and their grit in the face of their teammate’s injury, they couldn’t quite beat the elevated waacking style of Flip, who averaged 90.3 compared to the Cubcakes’ strong average score of 88. But the Cubcakes outdid Dem Raider Boyz, who averaged 85.3. Do you think the Cubcakes should have won their Duel, or did the judges get it right?

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