Dan Rengering (‘Survivor’ 37) exit interview: Carl’s idol nullifier was ‘a little frustrating’ [PODCAST]

“It was a little frustrating,” Dan Rengering tells Gold Derby about being eliminated on “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” after Carl Boudreaux used his idol nullifier to make Dan’s hidden idol worthless. “You think when you have an idol you’re golden, you’re gonna be good to go. I’m gonna have another couple days on the island at least to make some relationships, continue playing the game, possibly win immunity. So it was frustrating, surprising, all those different bad feelings that you don’t want to feel in the game of ‘Survivor.'” Listen to our exit interview above.

“All the props to Carl for playing it,” Dan concedes. “He’s a great player. He’s a cool guy. He was awesome to play it. That was good timing on his part. From my understanding talking to people after the game, Carl was bound and determined to play it at that moment because they wanted me out.”

The Davids came into tribal council with a 5-6 numbers disadvantage but still managed to get the upper hand on the Goliaths thanks to Carl’s idol nullifier and Nick Wilson‘s steal-a-vote. Are the Goliaths simply being outwitted by the Davids? “They’re playing a good game strategically,” notes Dan. “They knew we were coming after Christian Hubicki. They’re taking care of each other and they’re playing smart. They’re playing almost a flawless game at this point.”

Dan and Kara Kay were basically the showmance of Season 37, so what was it like for Dan to watch Kara betraying him on TV? “I mean, I get it. It’s a game,” he divulges. “We’re all out there to win a game for $1 million. I’m not upset about it. We all went out there knowing what we were there for. So it’s just part of the game. No reason to be upset or mad about it.”

Also in our “Survivor” podcast, Dan tells us whether he’d ever want to play the game again, if he wishes he could have stuck with the Brochachos a bit longer, and what it was like seeing his daughters when he finally returned home from Fiji. Listen to our prior exit interviews with Pat Cusack, Jessica Peet, Jeremy Crawford, Bi Nguyen, Natalia Azoqa, Natalie Cole, Lyrsa Torres, Elizabeth Olson and John Hennigan.

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