‘Dancing with the Stars’ flashback: We goofed in week 1, predicting Tinashe, Juan Pablo and DeMarcus for the finals

They say hindsight is 20/20, which is good because our “Dancing with the Stars” foresight should have gotten its eyes checked back in September. It’s always tough to know who is out front to win the Mirror Ball Trophy before anyone has set foot on stage, but Gold Derby users have a decent track record of picking the top contenders sight unseen. Not so in season 27. This time our initial forecasts did a face-plant on the ballroom floor.

Give us some credit, though. In season 25 we correctly predicted Jordan Fisher and Lindsey Stirling as the first and second place finishers before the season even started. And in the shortened “Athletes” season we were right that Adam Rippon would win before the competition got underway. So perhaps we’re to be forgiven that none of our top four predicted contenders at the beginning of this season match the actual top four going to the finals next Monday night.

When season 27 began we pegged Tinashe as the front-runner to win with 2/1 odds, with Juan Pablo Di Pace (4/1 odds), DeMarcus Ware (8/1 odds) and Nikki Glaser (16/1 odds) rounding out our top four. We were way off about Glaser, who was the very first celeb eliminated, but we were right that Tinashe and Di Pace would be among the season’s best performers. We just didn’t anticipate that the viewing audience would be so indifferent to them, sending them home early despite top judges’ scores.

While the celebs we initially ranked first through fourth ended up cursed and dispersed by the end of the season, the stars we ranked in the next four positions (fifth through eighth) were the ones who ended up going all the way, so we should have been looking to the middle of our predictions charts for insight. Evanna Lynch was fifth in our predictions (18/1 odds), followed by Bobby Bones (also 18/1 odds), Alexis Ren (20/1 odds) and Milo Manheim (28/1 odds).

Were your initial predictions better than our collective odds, or did this topsy-turvy season trip you up too? And who do you think deserves to win the Mirror Ball Trophy now that it’s down to the four finalists?

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