‘America’s Got Talent’ danger act Lord Nil nearly gets eaten by hungry, hungry alligators in leaked ‘AGT’ video [WATCH]

When danger act Lord Nil performed back in the “America’s Got Talent” auditions, he had viewers on the edge of their seats when he freed himself from a locked case with dozens of scorpions. For his encore performance during the “AGT” Judge Cuts, Lord Nil took things up a notch by doing an escape act alongside hungry, hungry alligators. Find out whether judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Chris Hardwick advanced him through to the next round when this episode of “Americas Got Talent” airs Tuesday night on NBC.

Before the act began, Lord Nil admitted that he had never worked with these gators before and only concocted the idea because Simon had suggested it back in his first audition. “Oops,” Simon smiled. “I respect that. And they look happy.” That’s when Howie interjected, “They look happy because they’re looking at a buffet!”

Lord Nil’s fiance revealed that she was “very nervous” about the act. She then locked up her better half in a straight jacket and attached his feet to a contraption with three ropes. As the device rose up in the air, Lord Nil started hanging upside down, and then a man came out and lit the three ropes on fire. Lord Nil’s goal was to release himself from his straight jacket before the ropes burned through and caused him to fall into the alligator pit.

Two of the three ropes snapped, but he was able to release himself just seconds before the third rope burned. Lord Nil grabbed onto a safety harness and was pulled away from the alligators as the audience cheered him on. All of the “AGT” judges absolutely loved the danger act, aside from Mel B who pushed her red X halfway through. “I’m not watching it,” she declared as she turned around in her chair.

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