Darius Hickman (‘So You Think You Can Dance’) served up ‘playful’ hip-hop that was giving Vanessa Hudgens life [WATCH]

Why so serious? That’s what the judges on “So You Think You Can Dance” had been wondering about Darius Hickman, a contemporary dancer who impressed them with his technique but had often delivered them downer routines. But not this time. In the final cuts of the season before the live shows he made sure to raise the energy level. Watch his performance above.

Luther Brown choreographed a hip-hop routine for Hickman with “SYTYCD” all-star Comfort Fedoke set to “Stir Fry” by Migos. It showed us a decidedly different side of the dancer’s artistic style and personality, and thank goodness because he was the last performance the judges saw before making their final decisions, so he needed to bring his A-game. Read what the judges had to say below.

Nigel Lythgoe: “There was so much comedy in it. There was so much style in it. It just felt right for you. It just felt comfortable. I would never have guessed you’re a contemporary dancer. So I’m very, very happy with that.”

Vanessa Hudgens: “I feel like you just became my best friend. I feel like I got to know you. You were so playful. You were having the time of your life. It wasn’t one-note. You were just serving it all to me and giving me life. It was so good. I love watching you do hip-hop.”

Mary Murphy: “You got cut in hip-hop last year. Can you guys believe that after today? You have such an imposing technique in your own style, but with this you just knocked us out.”

Ultimately Hickman made it through to the live round along with four other men: Jay Jay Dixonbey, Cole Mills, Slavik Pustovoytov and Evan DeBenedetto. Do you agree with the judges’ choices?

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