Morning of Owl’s performance on ‘World of Dance’ made Derek Hough shout, ‘What the heck!’ [WATCH]

“We combine contemporary dance, ballet, street dance, and martial arts with break dance,” said one member of the South Korean dance trio Morning of Owl, who performed during the eighth and final week of “The Qualifiers” on “World of Dance.” There was no shortage of styles represented during their routine, though they were down one member. They used to be a foursome before one of their quartet — now their choreographer — sustained a knee injury that forced him off the dance floor.

But there was still plenty for the judges to take in with three men on the stage. Watch Morning of Owl’s performance above, and read what the judges had to say about them below.

Jennifer Lopez: “Here’s what I’m excited about: I was like, ‘What am I watching right now?’ Is this voguing or street dancing or popping — there was locking. What style would you say this is? It was spontaneous and fun. I really enjoyed it.”

Ne-Yo: “I studied martial arts for about six or seven years when I was much younger and could kick a lot higher — not so much anymore. I loved the incorporation of the martial arts. We saw a lot of stuff that we haven’t seen before. Great job, guys.”

Derek Hough: “For me, I feel like it started a little bit slow and then halfway through it just went into a different gear. That flip into the heel was like, what the heck? If you make it to the next round I’m curious to see what else you have.”

They scored 82 from Ne-Yo, 86 from Lopez, and 84 from Hough for an average of 84, which was safely above the threshold of 80 points they needed to advance to the next round, the head-to-head “Duels” that start on July 25.

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