Derek Hough got The Pulse’s pulses pounding on ‘World of Dance,’ but didn’t think they deserved to advance [WATCH]

The ballroom dance troupe The Pulse knew Derek Hough would be their toughest judge on “World of Dance.” Not only is Hough a ballroom specialist, he also trained at the same Center Stage Performing Arts Studio where they learned their moves. The Junior Team Division group was right. Hough was generous with his time and attention, making their pulses race when he joined them on stage to give them some pointers. But ultimately his score would have eliminated them from the competition were it not for Jennifer Lopez‘s higher marks.

Did you agree with Hough that The Pulse were not quite ready for primetime? Or was Lopez right that their youthful hearts should beat on in the competition? Watch their performance above, and read the judges’ comments below.

Derek Hough: “Great job. There were a lot of elements of that that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed that shadow moment when you guys were all connected. The samba roll, that was beautiful. Some of you are a little erratic in the movement where you’re trying to hit it … You’ve got to be calm and strong.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I always love to see Derek dance, but it reminds you that there’s just another level. There’s some stuff that you need to work on because in this competition the Juniors compete with adults.”

Ne-Yo: “From what I know of ballroom, every man is a gentleman, smooth and strong, and every woman is elegant and yet powerful. And what I’ve seen is the potential to be, but not quite there just yet.”

The Pulse needed to average 80 points to move on to the next round. They ended up with a 78 from Ne-Yo and a 79 from Hough, but Lopez rescued them with her score of 84, which raised their average to 80.3. If Hough and Ne-Yo had had their way, The Pulse would have flat-lined. So they’d better work on their cleanliness and precision before “The Duels.”

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