Desi Hoppers blended Indian and Western cultures in ‘World of Dance’ Duels, plus the show’s first butt scratch [WATCH]

Desi Hoppers have a leg up on a lot of their competition on “World of Dance” based solely on how unique they are. On a show that features the best performers from dance traditions around the globe, they bring something new to the table: hip-hop style inflected by traditional Indian movement. During the Duels they went head-to-head against Opus Dance Collective, one of several contemporary acts in the competition this season, so Desi Hoppers already had the benefit of their freshness.

Was it enough to win their Duel? Watch their performance above, and check out the judges’ comments below.

Jennifer Lopez: “Here’s what I loved about your routine from the beginning: you have your own personality, and it is kind of fueled by your culture. You started off in your zen poses, tranquil and meditative state, and then we run through this gamut of emotions from being very funny and then very serious and kind of hip-hop, and then very cheeky — that little butt scratch thing. That was our first butt scratch on ‘World of Dance.’ That sets you a level above everybody else.”

Derek Hough: “Your personality is fantastic. Your transitions are seamless, they’re so smooth. I loved the traditional Indian movements in there, but with the Western flavor. The musicality, the tricks — it’s a fantastic combination. It’s so refreshing to see that, so well executed, and really beautifully done.”

Ne-Yo: “Nobody dances the way you all dance. Your moves are your own. Win or lose, I’m going to remember the Desi Hoppers. great job!”

In the end it wasn’t even close. Desi Hoppers scored 90 from Ne-Yo, 90 from Lopez and 91 from Hough for an average of 90.3, while Opus Dance Collective trailed with an average of 83.3. Do Desi Hoppers have the potential to go all the way to the World Final at the end of the season?

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