Emmy spotlight: Hulu showcases virtue of VR with ‘Door No. 1,’ an interactive comedy series by Nora Kirkpatrick

The TV academy is to be applauded for embracing new technology with the introduction of Emmy Awards for the likes of Best Original Interactive Program. One of the most innovative contenders in that category this year is the Hulu live-action VR comedy series, “Door No. 1.”

Nora Kirkpatrick, who was a standout on season 9 of “The Office” as Dwight’s would-be girlfriend, goes behind the camera as both writer and director of this breakthrough program. The immersive experience is shown in a full 360 degrees and allows the viewer to pick and choose at key points in the story.

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You walk in the shoes of Alex, who is attending a 10-year high school reunion. Part of the appeal of “Door No. 1” is that repeated viewings take the audience on different paths, with new decisions to be made at various junctures in the story. Indeed, as Hulu promises, “you’ll be able to get high with the janitor, dance until they drag you off the floor, and seize one last chance to prove yourself.” And with Snoop Doog as the janitor, that is one thread of the story that is worth following.

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Others take you into storylines where you’ll encounter characters played by such TV comedy vets as Steve Little (“Eastbound and Down”), Ravi Patel (“Meet The Patels”), Kyle Bornheimer (“Casual”), Missi Pyle (“Another Period”) and Lucas Neff (“Raising Hope”). Kirpatrick also pops up in the persona of Stephanie.

To understand the complexity of the production and to see the challenges on both sides of the camera, watch the behind-the-scenes featurette above. To watch “Door No. 1,” which comes from AOL’s immersive film studio RYOT, you’ll need one of these VR headsets: Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, PSVR, Google Daydream and Oculus Rift.

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