Elizabeth Olson (‘Survivor’ 37) exit interview: Plan to oust Angelina backfired thanks to Carl, ‘my nail in the coffin’ [PODCAST]

Carl Boudreaux was definitely my nail in the coffin,” Elizabeth Olson revealed to Gold Derby in our exclusive exit interview the morning after her “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” elimination. Elizabeth’s plan at tribal council was to try to convince the Goliath tribe that Angelina Keeley had betrayed them when she told Elizabeth she was going home, and that’s when all of the whispering started. Things were looking good for Elizabeth’s chances, until “I came to Carl and Carl was like, ‘I don’t even want to hear you, Elizabeth!’ He said that very loud. And so that really shot me down.” Listen to our “Survivor” exit interview above.

Elizabeth explains further, “[Carl’s comment] took the wind out of the sails from the Goliaths that were considering voting for Angelina. They were like, ‘Wait, we can’t even get the Davids on board to switch this way.’ Why would they risk not having enough votes to get Angelina and then having a pissed-off Angelina in the game? Not a smart move.”

She later mentions, “Carl and I are about as opposite as you can get, especially considering that we should be more alike because we’re both from Texas, we both like horses, we didn’t come from much. But for whatever reason we’re just not peas and carrots. We clash.” As for the deleted scene that was released in which Elizabeth ruffled Carl’s feathers over the chickens, she states that he was “irritating” because he “couldn’t even tell that the chickens were acting different.”

Why did Elizabeth wait until tribal council to throw Angelina under the bus, as opposed to laying everything out on the line back at camp? “The biggest reason is that I didn’t have time,” she readily admits. “Angelina, she’s not dumb, she’s a smart cookie. She didn’t tell me with time to go scramble. She told me right as I’m the last one to get a confessional or be interviewed by the producers on the island that night. As soon as they get done with confessionals, you’re headed to tribal.”

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