Gold Derby readers nearly unanimous that Emmys should NOT create Best Popular Series category to mimic Oscars [POLL RESULTS]

Dear Emmys, please don’t follow in the Oscars’ footsteps by creating a Best Popular Series category to honor TV’s most watched shows. That’s how a whopping 81% of Emmy fans voted in our recent poll when we asked whether the TV academy should follow the film academy’s eyebrow-raising decision of installing a Best Popular Film category to recognize blockbuster movies. Of the remaining 19% of poll respondents, 8% said they’d have to think about it more while 11% were actually in favor of the idea.

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While our savvy readers are nearly unanimous that a move like this would “discredit” the Emmys, what shows would hypothetically be nominated anyway? Well, it’d no doubt be filled with offerings from the broadcast networks, as “The Big Bang Theory,” “Roseanne,” “This Is Us” and “NCIS” were among the most-watched of the 2017-18 television season, per Deadline.

But “popular” could mean any number of things. In terms of sheer water-cooler buzz, nothing beats the fanboy excitement of genre series like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.” After all, oftentimes the only thing people talk about on Monday morning is who died on Sunday night. Then there are cult-driven programs like “Riverdale” and “The Originals,” which barely make a dent in the Nielsen ratings despite their popularity among the coveted 18-49 demographic.

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Below, see a sampling of comments from passionate Emmys fans and then be sure to give us your take down in the comments section.

Zeke: “The Oscars shouldn’t have done it in the first place. It diminishes the award. What IS the award for being popular?”

Fitzwilliam1: “Leave things as is, as the Academy Awards SHOULD do. Over the years, popularity over quality has already ‘won’.”

Mukund: “Considering they have amply awarded Game of Thrones and nominated other popular shows like Stranger Things and This is Us in major categories, I don’t see why Emmys should do the same thing as the Oscars.”

Pier_Antoni: “NO!”

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