Evan Rachel Wood (‘Westworld’): Our show ‘speaks volumes to any group that has been oppressed’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“We were filming season 2 of ‘Westworld’ when #metoo broke,” reflects Evan Rachel Wood in an exclusive chat with Gold Derby (watch our video interview above). Wood has been a powerful voice in the #metoo movement, taking to the floor of Congress in February to powerfully share her own experiences of domestic abuse and advocate for a bill of rights for sexual assault. Speaking of “Westworld,” she says, “You couldn’t help but draw parallels between the robot uprising and the revolution we are seeing, especially with women. It also speaks volumes to any group that has been oppressed or anybody who has had to fight for rights and fight for freedom. The game is changing. We are having to have new conversations about old topics. And it has been amazing to watch that unfold while being part of a show that is very much a metaphor for that.”

In its two seasons “Westworld” has scored 43 Emmy nominations, and Wood now has her second consecutive for Best Drama Actress. Wood plays Dolores, the original robotic host of a futuristic theme park. In the most recent season on HBO, she leads a rebellion against the human guests and park owners. Wood explains that “this season Dolores is on a mission that I wasn’t always privy to. It’s like when you play a musical instrument. You want to be such a master at it that on a whim you can change it up anytime. On ‘Westworld’ you have to be able to change on a dime whatever is thrown at you. There’s no time to dilly dally. We are basically making 10 movies in six months. But we are also finding things along the way.”

She adds, “‘Westworld’ has shown me a strength in myself I did not know I was capable of. It didn’t just put me in the same categories a lot of roles can do where you feel your wings are clipped. This was like someone had opened the doors to the cage and I got to fly out and expand. The show not only challenges the people that work on it every day but it think the audience as well. It makes us ask the deep meaningful questions about our existence. It’s nerd heaven for me.”

For the Emmy voters, Wood chose to submit the second episode of the season, “Reunion.” She explains that “there weren’t any big crazy emotional crying scenes in it. But what I liked about it was when you are playing a character like that you have to master the art of doing nothing but saying everything. She’s been a million different people and suffered so many injustices. It was a very subtle, quiet, complicated episode for her.” Other cast members nominated this time are Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton and Jimmi Simpson.

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