Emmys 2018: Which ‘Family Guy’ episodes are submitted for Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein as Best Character Voice-Over?

Which “Family Guy” episodes are Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein submitting for the Best Character Voice-Over Performance category at the 2018 Emmy Awards? We’ve got the exclusive titles from 20th Century Fox Television below along with descriptions for these two acting entries. Unless others are submitted by their own personal reps, these are the only two “Family Guy” performers being submitted on the Emmy ballot this summer in this category.

MacFarlane, the show’s creator and star, will be submitting “Send in Stewie, Please,” the 12th episode of the show’s 16th season. The episode focuses entirely on Stewie as he is sent to his school’s psychologist for pushing another child down a flight of stairs. As Stewie makes small talk, the psychologist (voiced by Sir Ian McKellen) says that Stewie has very strong opinions and that he’s learned a lot about him simply from observation. Stewie begins to give his own analysis of the doctor, showing him to be a very unhappy person. Stewie is forced to deal with the fact that he feels like an outcast and the lengths he goes to stand out, including the reveal that Stewie’s British accent is just for show. Stewie considers dropping the façade but decides against it because he doesn’t want to be just like everyone else. The doctor begins to have heart trouble and begs Stewie to get him his heart medication, but Stewie refuses and lets the doctor die. Later that night, Stewie asks Brian to sleep in his bed with him and admits he did something bad that day.

While the episode doesn’t have a lot of range for MacFarlane, as he’s mainly voicing one character throughout it, it’s definitely a performance. The monologues that he gets to deliver as Stewie are actually kind of reminiscent of the big speeches helped actors like James Spader and Jeff Daniels claim Emmy gold. He also gets to voice some wonderfully ridiculous moments, including Stewie singing from the “Hamilton” soundtrack while hiccupping and blowing snot out of his nose. MacFarlane has won four Emmys over the course of his career including three in this category. He first won in 2000 and then again in 2016 and 2017. He also picked up a trophy for Best Music and Lyrics in 2002 for the song “Road to Rhode Island.”

Borstein is submitting the third episode of the season, “Nanny Goats,” in which she voices Lois Griffin, Barbara Pewterschmidt and Natalia. In the episode, Lois’ parents hire a nanny for the Griffins after Peter destroys the house. This allows Lois and Peter to spend time with each other again. It’s nice at first but a weekend getaway leads to both of them wearing on each other’s nerves so much that they decide to split up when they get back home. When they arrive home and see their children, Lois and Peter both decide against separating. While this is happening, the Griffin’s new nanny, Natalia from Belarus, is doing very well but reveals that she used to be an assassin. While taking care of Stewie, she is cornered by several people seeking revenge against her. With Stewie in tow, she manages to kill most of her attackers in an epic fashion and escape on a plane. She puts a parachute on Stewie and tosses him back over his house.

Borstein gets to show a great amount of range in her episode. Not only does she get to play Lois and her mother, Barbara, but she also gets to play Natalia. This new character gives her the chance to play around with a new voice and accent which provides the episode with the bulk of its humor. Should she get in, it would be her third Emmy nomination. She was nominated in this category in 2013 and was nominated as part of the show’s producing team in 2008 for Best Animated Program. Borstein could also find herself contending in the Best Comedy Supporting Actress race for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

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