Faysal Shafaat (‘Big Brother’ 20) exit interview: Angela ‘is sitting pretty’ and ‘maybe they’ll take a shot at her’ now

“It was a little bit true,” Faysal Shafaat admitted to “Big Brother” host Julie Chen regarding his scathing take down of Angela Rummans during his live eviction speech. “She didn’t say anything about Tyler [Crispin] but she did say the thing about Brett [Robinson]. I just figured I’d stir some things up. She was sitting pretty in the house. Maybe they’ll take a shot at her.” Faysal was evicted by a vote 4-1 over his showmance partner Haleigh Broucher during Thursday’s live eviction episode. Gold Derby readers correctly predicted Faysal would be evicted.

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“When she nominated me I was surprised,” Faysal confessed when asked if he felt blindsided by Angela nominating himself and Haleigh. “I kept her safe the week before. I figured she would nominate Haleigh. I didn’t see both of us coming.”

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Faysal’s side of the house was blindsided and picked off one by one. Faysal explained why he and Haleigh took so long to try and work with the other side of the house. “Going into this house I didn’t know how I was going to play the game. I just knew I was going to compete in competitions and be loyal to people from the beginning. I didn’t want to turn my back on anybody. I was going to stick it out and ride until the wheels fell off.”

In what was clearly a sore spot for Faysal, Chen reminded him that he was just one point short of winning the Veto competition. Kaycee Clarke took the prize, but had he won, Fessy isn’t sure what he would have done. When asked if he would have saved Haleigh he simply responded, “I don’t know. If I would have used the Veto on me she would have definitely went home. I don’t want to answer that question.”

Faysal then described what was his worst move in the game, telling Chen “It might have been after I realized when Angela put me and Haleigh up together that I probably shouldn’t have sent Scottie [Salton] home. But Scottie sketched me out so much since the beginning. He was doing a bunch of weird stuff so I was like, ‘Man, all these votes are getting flipped, everybody’s pointing the finger at Scottie, Scottie’s being weird towards me.’ Maybe I could patch things up with Tyler and Angela.”

In the final seconds, Faysal said he hopes to continue his relationship with Haleigh outside of the house and he hopes she does too. Following their interview, Chen revealed that there would be a Jury Battle Back competition. He would face off against Scottie, Bayleigh Dayton and Rockstar Lantry for a chance to re-enter the game. Scottie ended up winning the Battle Back and Faysal now becomes Juror #3 and will help determine the winner of “Big Brother” 20.

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