Did Funkywunks deserve to lose their ‘World of Dance’ Duel because of this one mishap? [WATCH]

The “World of Dance” battle between hip-hop groups Funkywunks and Connection was the closest match-up in the third week of The Duels, so close that it came down to a fraction of a point. Funkywunks ended up eliminated from the competition, and it might have all come down to that darned double kong.

Derek Hough pointed out that high-flying maneuver that didn’t quite land. But the group played it off so well that Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo didn’t even comment on it, if they noticed it at all. But even if it was only Hough’s keen eye that spotted it, it might have been enough to cost them a spot in the next round. Did you agree with Hough’s critique? Watch their routine above, and read the judges’ comments below.

Jennifer Lopez: “I thought the routine was really innovative. I saw a lot of things there that I hadn’t seen before. The four of you kind of jumping out, one after the other, I loved it. And then that formation they did where they held each other and kind of leaned back, the ‘Carousel.’ I could see that you guys really tried to up your game to the next level because you knew that you were against a formidable opponent.”

Ne-Yo: “You’ve got to be confident to get on the ‘World of Dance’ stage and do the damn ‘Running Man.’ That takes confidence. Y’all took something old and took something new and kind of mixed it together, which worked perfectly to me. I thought this was a great, great performance.”

Derek Hough: “Throughout this competition so far we’ve seen some throwbacks and they don’t really work, but with you guys you were so committed to it that I was like, ‘Yeah, alright, I’m with you. We’re going to Running Man? I love that move!’ There was a moment there that didn’t go quite as planned, where I feel like you went over and there was supposed to be a freeze, but then it kind of carried on through. It was like a double kong into a freeze or something up there, and it kind of over-rotated a bit, but you covered it well, so good luck. Good job, guys.”

The irony is that Hough was the only judge who gave Funkywunks a higher score than Connection. Hough preferred Funkywunks 86-to-85. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo favored Connection 85-to-84, and Lopez favored Connection 86-to-85. Funkywunks ended up with an average score of 85, while Connection’s average was 85.3. Damn you, kong!

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