‘World of Dance’ standouts Funkywunks were ‘sexy and they knew it,’ according to Jennifer Lopez [WATCH]

I’m not sure the hip-hop troupe Funkywunks would win any awards for dance group names, but their acrobatic hip-hop routine to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” was one of the most energetic and complex hip-hop routines to grace the stage this season so far on “World of Dance.” The diverse group represented a spectrum of races, religions, and sexual orientations, but their performance showed impressive unity of style and movement. Watch their “Qualifiers 8” routine above, and read what the judges had to say about it below.

Jennifer Lopez: “You know what I loved about this? You were serious about your business. You were sexy and you knew it. It was making everybody in the audience smile and have a good time, and that made it a standout from some of the other hip-hop groups that we’ve seen.”

Ne-Yo: “So the back flip where they caught you — amazing! It was fun from start to finish on top of just being clean. Perfect performance for me.”

Derek Hough: “What I loved was the trajectory of the routine. It just got better and better and better and better. Great dancing, great wow moments, I loved it. Very original!”

Funkywunks ended up with a score of 85 from Hough, 87 from Lopez, and 89 from Ne-Yo for an average of 87. That was well over the threshold of 80 points they needed to advance to the next round, though given how effusive the judges’ comments were I was a bit surprised those scores weren’t even higher.

We’ll see if they can up their game in “The Duels,” a single-elimination round where qualifying acts go head-to-head. Stay funky, wunks!

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