Funsho is drippin’ in ‘Finesse’ during ‘The Voice’ blind audition, but which coach did he choose? [WATCH]

Tuesday night during Night 6 of “The Voice” Season 15, Nigerian singer Funsho took on Bruno Mars‘ “Finesse” and caused three coaches to turn their chairs around: Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Funsho, who came to America when he was seven, auditioned for various talent shows and eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time. All three coaches battled to have Funsho on their team until the 28-year-old eventually chose Adam. Watch NBC’s “The Voice” blind audition video above and read the coaches’ comments below.

“My wife is from Namibia,” Adam told Funsho while trying to woo him over to his team. “I just want you to know that I got the African connection. [Blake Shelton‘s] an idiot for so many reasons, mostly for not turning around. Bruno is impossible. He’s one of the greatest singers. That higher part of your voice shows me that you literally have it all and it’s amazing to hear a vocalist that is so complete. I knew that it was going to be a multiple-chair turn and it’s scary to turn first because you don’t want to show your hand so fast. But I led and they followed.”

Kelly and Jennifer argued that it took them longer to turn because they were dancing in their chairs and having a good time just listening to Funsho. They tried to get Blake to sing a bit of “Finesse” for fun, but he argued that he didn’t need to audition because he’d already made it. Will Funsho help Adam win “The Voice” for the first time since Jordan Smith (Season 9)?

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper Kevin Jacobsen had this to say about the performance: “The last artist of the night is Funsho, a 28-year-old born in Lagos, Nigeria. At seven, he and his family moved to America and assimilated into the culture, with Funsho auditioning for talent shows. He is singing ‘Finesse’ by Bruno Mars for his audition, and the judges immediately take to his smooth, funky vibe. Adam turns his chair first, followed quickly by Jennifer. Kelly grooves to the song and turns her chair next. All three stand up and dance as Funsho sings, clearly loving his charismatic take on the song. Adam calls Blake an idiot for not turning his chair and says Funsho is one of the best vocalists they’ve heard so far. Kelly commends Funsho for performing such a well-known song with confidence. Jennifer says Funsho was able to impressively ‘ride every note’ even with such an uptempo song. In the end, Funsho chooses Team Adam.”

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