Gabby Pascuzzi (‘Survivor’ 37) exit interview: ‘I don’t have any regrets’ about trying to blindside Christian [PODCAST]

“I don’t have any regrets,” Gabby Pascuzzi tells Gold Derby the morning after she was eliminated in Wednesday’s loved ones episode of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath.” After Gabby decided to betray her nerdmance partner Christian Hubicki, Christian got wind of the plan so he used his hidden immunity idol to save himself. Thus, Gabby was eliminated with only two votes cast against her (from Angelina Keeley and Mike White). Listen to our exit interview above.

Gabby continues, “I think it’s way too easy to second-guess yourself when you watch everything back, but in the moment that’s what I felt that I had to do in order to win the game.” She then adds, “I think I would regret it way more if I waited too long, missed my opportunity and came in second place.”

The plan, Gabby explains, was for five votes to go toward Christian and two votes to go toward Alison Raybould, but things were ruined when Nick Wilson told Angelina and Mike to vote for Gabby instead. “I took it as a little bit of a compliment,” she says, “because people knew that I had been the one driving the Christian vote and I felt like they outplayed me. That was smart.”

“I’m not a sore loser, nor am I gonna be a bitter jury member,” Gabby promises about the final tribal council, which will air December 19 on CBS. As for whether her friendship with Christian was destroyed when she tried to vote him out, she smiles, “He is one of the dearest people to me and I think we both know that it was all just a game.”

Also in our “Survivor” podcast, Gabby talks about why the Davids didn’t stick together and vote out the Goliaths one by one, what it was like when her mother visited during the loved ones challenge, and whether she learned anything about herself from her 32 days on the island. Listen to our prior exit interviews with Pat Cusack, Jessica Peet, Jeremy Crawford, Bi Nguyen, Natalia Azoqa, Natalie Cole, Lyrsa Torres, Elizabeth Olson, John Hennigan, Dan Rengering, Alec Merlino and Carl Boudreaux.

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