‘Game of Thrones’ costume designer Michelle Clapton on winning her second BAFTA TV Award

Michelle Clapton just claimed her second consecutive TV BAFTA for Best Costume Design, winning this year for her sublime work on season seven of “Game of Thrones.” This victory follows on last year when she picked up this same prize for the first season of “The Crown.” Asked to compare the two shows, she declared, “No, you can’t, you can’t!”

This talented designer had done the costumes for the first five seasons of “Game of Thrones” before taking a break, which allowed her to work on “The Crown.” But, as she revealed, “It was incredibly sad not to do the second season of ‘The Crown’ but I made the decision to get back to ‘Game of Thrones’ because it’s my baby. I grew with it.” She explained her thought process. “They took a chance on me when no one else was giving me stuff to do. I felt like I owed it to them and I did go back and I’m pleased I did. It’s the end of it and I’ve seen it all the way through.”

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Does she have a particular favorite among the many characters on “Game of Thrones”? “There’s Dany (Emilia Clarke), of course. She’s changed so much from the beginning. It’s nice to now to see her in the season just gone (seven) – how she is slowly getting the silhouette that her brother had. For all of the journeys that she’s been through, she is becoming a Targaryen again. I think that’s really interesting and I really enjoyed telling the story with silhouettes and fabrics and colors.” As she elaborates, “Colors can say so much – someone suddenly start wearing a color which shifts their allegiance, it makes you question what’s going on. It’s really good fun.”

Perhaps we should now be furiously re-watching season seven and analyzing the characters’ costume for clues as to the upcoming season eight possibilities? Jaime Lannister, all in black, covers up his golden hand with a black glove when he leaves King’s Landing. Could that mean he is saying goodbye to his Lannister routes and embracing…. the Night’s Watch? You heard it here first.

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Clapton pondered which of the many costumes she designed would be her favorite of season seven. I gave her a helping hand by telling her my pick, that fabulous winter coat worn by Daenarys, and Clapton agreed with a smile. “Yeah, that was my favourite. I wanted that moment where everyone was like ‘what the hell is that?’ I just wanted to take her somewhere completely different and it was such a collaborative effort. I drew it but I didn’t know how I was going to make it.” As she explained, “My team just started sampling and worked with all the fake furs and leathers. We just started cutting strips and it was just incredible – we just experimented and came up with that and it was one of my favorite thing’s I’ve ever done.”

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