Get ready to geek out over these 14 ‘Survivor’ super nerds, ranked worst to best in gameplay

They often wear glasses. Their brain power generally compensates for any lack of brawn. They can be quite handy when it comes to strategizing and puzzle solving. And self-deprecating humor is often their secret weapon.  Let’s hear it for the “Survivor” super nerds and give them some love.

There are two endearing prime examples of  this species on the current Season 37, “David vs. Goliath”: Christian Hubicki, 32, a bespectacled robotics scientist, 32, from Florida and his female counterpart, Gabby Pascuzzi, 25, a bookish Colorado-based technical writer. So far, both members of the David fellowship have played a good enough social and mental game to form a connection to the alpha males and others on the Goliath team now that both tribes have merged. In fact, last week’s cliff-hanger of a Tribal Council with multiple versions of immunity idols saved Christian’s neck.

Right now, Christian and Gabby are ranked second and third to win the season on the Gold Derby “Survivor” prediction site, right behind laid-back Kentucky lawyer Nick Wilson.

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Of course, Christian and Gabby stand on the somewhat wobbly shoulders of such former nerd contestants as — who else? — “Skinny” Ryan Shoulders of Season 7, “Pearl Islands,” Mari Takahashi of Season 33, “Millennials vs. Gen X,” the unforgettable Greg Buis, a true pioneer in “Survivor” geekdom from Season 1, “Borneo” and eccentric gardener Tai Trang from both Season 32, “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” and Season 34, “Survivor: Game Changer.”

Check out where they might one day be placed among the 14 most memorable “Survivor” super nerds, ranked from worst to best when it comes to game play and survival skills.

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