‘GLOW’ FYSEE: Alison Brie, Sydelle Noel & Marc Maron on learning how to wrestle with boobs [WATCH]

“Before shooting season one we did four weeks of wrestling training, all the women on the show together for three hours a day, five days a week with Chavo Guerrero Jr.,” says Alison Brie about the process of preparing to play pro wrestlers in the Netflix comedy series “GLOW.” She was in New York City on May 17 for a Netflix FYSEE event to discuss the series along with her co-stars Sydelle Noel and Marc Maron, and series creators Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive. Watch above.

Guerrero “comes from a long line of pro wrestlers,” Brie explains, but it also helped to have stunt coordinator Shauna Duggins on hand to help them “translate all the moves into the safest possible version for us, and also how to do them with boobs, which for all of Chavo’s merit was something he never learned.” The process was physically demanding, but worthwhile because “we were learning every day that we were capable of so much more then we thought.”

The cast members actually met in the ring. Noel remembers, “It wasn’t like we had a table read or anything. They were just like, ‘All right put your crotch in my face. Hi, how are you?'” Maron plays the director of the wrestling promotion and not a wrestler himself, but he jokes that “I had to learn how to do coke again. It has been a long time. It has been years since I smoked so that took some getting up to speed. It was very strenuous.” He also fell out of the ring at one point, which was unintentional, but they kept it in the show. “They got it on tape, but they made me do it a few more times. They’re like, ‘This guy’s really good!’ Nope, just fucked up.”

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