2018 Oscar nominations reactions: Our forum posters cheer Paul Thomas Anderson and ‘Phantom Thread,’ jeer ‘The Boss Baby’

As the Oscar nominations were announced live by Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis, our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who use screen names, unleashed a tsunami of cheers and jeers.

They were most surprised by the inclusion of Paul Thomas Anderson (“Phantom Thread”), who leapfrogged over DGA nominee Martin McDonagh (“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”) in Best Director. “Phantom Thread” cracked the Best Picture lineup as did “Darkest Hour,” another film snubbed at the PGA that bounced back after BAFTA nominations.

They were also ecstatic over Rachel Morrison (“Mudbound”) becoming the first woman ever nominated in Best Cinematography. In this year of the woman, that was the last category for which a glass ceiling needed to be shattered.

But they were angered by the omission of “I, Tonya” in Best Picture and by the inclusion of “The Boss Baby” in Best Animated Feature.

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Below is just a sampling of what was dished in our forums. Scroll through, then jump in if your dare.


ricardo505: The biggest surprise for me is that The Post is nominated for Best Picture having only one other nomination (Meryl Streep). When was the last time that happened? “The Blind Side”?

Alijah Purdy: Now let’s begin with everyone saying “Three Billboards won’t win BP”

LaChienne: The Globes joke about The Post getting showered with awards ages poorer every nomination ceremony :3c

TVFan365: Darkest Hour and Phantom Thread. Did not see that coming.

Riley: Shit, “I, Tonya” not in Picture!


Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): I’m happy for all the people who truly hate Three Billboards. McDonagh’s snub must’ve felt amazing.

GusCruz: PTA is my hero. He single-handedly saved us from Three Billboards as Best Picture.

RobertPius: No directing for Three Billboards. (and PTA got in) My only real shocks. (oh and I guess Lesley Manville) Phantom Thread performed much better than I thought it would overall.

Dynasty86: Well what do you know? Peele made it in over McDonagh when people were swearing up and down Peele was the most vulnerable? Cheers to the Academy for that and for Mudbound’s well deserved four nominations!!

FreemanGriffin: I knew the mavericks would do something surprising in director, I just got what it was wrong. Biggest surprise: how well Phantom Thread did.

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Hunter-ish: Fifth adapted spot went to Logan yass!!!

LegendOfMatt: Holy fucking shit Logan got in!!!


Macca: Rachel Morrison, first female nominee.


Stegeo: I, Tonya?!


pulp50: 3 billboards really doesn’t deserve score.

kancov: Called it! Three Billboards for Score!!!


eastwest: Happy that “Mystery of Love” was remembered.

Noah Arlington: I can’t believe Sufjan Stevens is going to be performing at the Oscars. This is amazing

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heyoranges: Kong is an Oscar nominated film now wtf

Manuel Colon: So Guardians gets nominated for Visual Effects but no for Makeup and Hairstyling, weird.

MKnight98: Those Visual Effects nominees tho


nevkm: Victoria and Abdul… wtf


Bee: LMFAOOOOOO those mothafuckas nominated The Boss Baby I’m HOWLING. And Denzel really did it! He got in for a flop and shows he’s really beloved in the industry.

Zach Lozano: The Boss Baby is an Oscar nominated film lol


Rinolo Twenty-two: No In the Fade!!!

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