‘We’re the worst Big Brother players in history,’ Haleigh tells Faysal after disastrous 3 weeks of game play

Longtime “Big Brother” viewers have witnessed their fair share of bad game play over the years, but the past three weeks may take the cake for Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat. The fact that three of their alliance members went home in a row is bad enough, but when you take into account that Haleigh and Faysal reigned as Head of Household for two of those, you begin to see why Zingbot called Haleigh’s HOH a “tragedy” and Faysal a “moron.” “We’re the worst ‘Big Brother’ players in history,” Haleigh told Faysal in Wednesday’s Veto episode. Do YOU agree? Sound off down in the comments section.

After Angela Rummans won Head of Household during Sunday’s “Sweet Shot” competition, she made a big move by nominating the showmance duo for eviction. At first Faysal and Haleigh felt betrayed because they’d just made a final four deal with Angela and Tyler Crispen, but then they compared stories over the past month and came to the realization that America must be laughing at them because of their disastrous game play.

“All right, let’s recap the last three weeks,” Faysal said as Haleigh rolled her eyes, not wanting to hear the truth. “Haleigh wins the hacker. Great. So she can take one of our alliance members down. Pick me to play in the Veto. Tyler goes home on Angela’s HOH, right? No, let’s pick Kaycee Clark to play in the Veto. And send Bayleigh Dayton home.”

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As Haleigh started laughing, Faysal continued, “The only way we survive next week is if one of us wins HOH. Who wins HOH? Haleigh wins HOH. Who goes home? Rockstar Lantry goes home. Who could have won the Veto? Rockstar. But who did she tell the answer to? Tyler, you got it right. So we’re totally screwed next week. But who wins HOH? Fessy! Who does he send home? The last remaining member of our alliance, [Scottie Salton]. Let’s make a final four with Angela. Who wins next HOH? Angela. Who goes on the block? Me and Haleigh.”

Either Haleigh or Faysal will be eliminated Thursday night on CBS, but their game isn’t necessarily over quite yet. There is a Jury Battle Back competition in play in which the next evicted houseguests will compete against jury members Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie. The winner of this all-important challenge will immediately return to the house.

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