‘Hell’s Kitchen’ episode 3 exclusive clip: Did veteran chef Jen Gavin really just accuse Gordon Ramsay of ‘lying’? [WATCH]

“Hell’s Kitchen” veteran Jen Gavin just did what no other aspiring chef-testant has done before: she accused Gordon Ramsay of lying. In Gold Derby’s exclusive video clip (watch above), the returning chef from Season 4 gets into a fight with her reality TV boss over — what else? — duck garnish. “I’m short of the duck garnish,” Chef Ramsay yells at her, looking exasperated. But then Jen does the unthinkable when she fires back, “I gave you enough. You’re trying to clown me up in here right now.”

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The fight continues as Chef Ramsay tries to pull Jen back out of view from the curious onlookers. “You lying, Chef!” she shouts for all to hear. “You trying to sabotage me right now. You set me up. I’m steady bringing you the food, Chef, and you throw the pan under there and say I didn’t give you enough. Have a good one, Chef. I’m giving you your food, Chef, but you’re not gonna keep disrespecting me for nothing.”

Chef Ramsay denies all of her accusations of lying, then finally screams the two words that no “Hells Kitchen” contestant ever wants to hear: “Get out!” If Jen really does get sent packing during Friday’s all-new episode, that would make her the first returnee to depart Fox’s “Rookies vs. Veterans” season.

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In her private confessional, Jen explains, “Everybody wants a piece of Jen. ‘Jen, how many of this?’ It’s just chaotic right now. I’m definitely the odd ball out of the group, so of course whenever anything happens in our kitchen it’s ‘Jen, Jen, Jen.'”

Jen came in fourth place back in Season 4, when Chef Ramsay eliminated her for her lack of team work skills. Based on her actions in this exclusive clip, it doesn’t look like she’s learned much from her past mistakes. Following her original stint on the show Jen became a chef for a celebrity catering company, cooking for the likes of Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga.

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