In this exclusive clip, struggling ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Rookie Scott Popovic strikes out with a jumbo shrimp error

None of the chefs on the premiere episode of Fox’s “Hell’s KitchenSeason 18, which stacks eight Veteran players against eight Rookies, went home last week even though the newbies won the first round against the returnees. This week, however, elimination is inevitable. Judging by this exclusive clip (watch it above), Cleveland restaurant owner Scott Popovic, the name-dropping Rookie, just might feel the wrath of host Gordon Ramsay after he gets totally flummoxed by confusing his name with that of Atlanta-based teammate Scotley Innis and then not knowing that the shrimp being paired with risotto is supposed to be cooked table side.

Considering that Scott didn’t do himself any favors on last week’s season premiere by overcooking the bass in his own signature dish and receiving a low score of 2 out of 5, he may be gone soon. Then again, that episode ended with the Veteran team’s Bret Hauser  behaving as if he was strangely disoriented in the kitchen. However, he did much better with re-creating Rookie Chris Mendonca‘s signature dish featuring duck and mango-blackberry puree, scoring a 4 out of 5.

The steak stakes are high this year, as 16 competitors face either the praise or the scorn of the chef in chief. First prize is a career-changer: a position at the world’s first Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – with a bonus of $250,000.

Who do you think will be taking their leave? Tune in at 9 PM ET/PT Friday to see whether or not Scott’s goose is cooked. Or whether Bret gets the boot.

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