‘Hell’s Kitchen’ schedule: Fox puts reality TV show on back burner during World Series championship

“Hell’s Kitchen” fans looking to watch the fifth episode of “Rookies vs. Veterans” on Friday, October 26 may find themselves turning as red as uncooked lamb. Fox has put the reality TV show on the back burner for one week due to the World Series championship between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. But rest assured, a network rep has confirmed to Gold Derby that Episode 5 of Season 18 will return to the schedule as planned on Friday, November 2.

Over the course of the first four hours, the all-new Rookies and returning Veterans have been evenly matched, putting an end to speculation that the vets would completely dominate the season. So far Chef Gordon Ramsay has sent home one chef-testant from each team: Scott Popovic for the newbies and Jen Gavin for the returnees. Are YOU happy that Jen flamed out early? Keep voting in our poll.

Last week’s episode ended with a shocker when Ramsay decided not to eliminate anyone despite having four potential victims in Chris Mendonca, Gizzy Barton, Kevin Cottle and Trev McGrath. Instead he switched up the teams, putting an end to “Rookies vs. Veterans” and instead creating a “Men vs. Women” battle of the sexes. How will the new team dynamics change the game going forward?

“Hells Kitchen” is one of Fox’s longest-running series, debuting in 2005 and still going strong 13 years later. The past two cycles have thrown twists at the original concept, with Season 17 being an “All-Stars” version and Season 18 pitting “Rookies vs. Veterans.” Each season Ramsay solely chooses who to eliminate and who will win. See our fun rankings of all of the former “Hell’s Kitchen” winners from worst to best.

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