EXCLUSIVE CLIP: ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ fires up again as Gordon Ramsay stirs up some childhood memories for the chef-testants

“Hell’s Kitchen” returns from a two-week hiatus. Just in time for all our Thanksgiving leftovers to finally be devoured. To jog your memory, especially after consuming all that amino acid tryptophan in the turkey (actually, it is a myth that it makes you sleepy – that is just your uncle’s much-told stories), episode 7 extolled the virtues of teamwork.

Rookie Gizzy Barton got the boot in a “cook for your life” challenge after volunteering to sit out the reward challenge and then messing up her dish by leaving scales on her rustic sea bass. Chef Gordon Ramsay’s parting words? “I had such high hopes for Gizzy from Day One But if she truly can’t believe in herself, then I can’t believe in her, either.”

Now we are down to the final 10 – five rookies and five veterans. Looks as if it is party time –hence episode 8’s title, “One Hell of a Party.”  But, in this exclusive Gold Derby preview clip, Ramsay shares some rather cute if gawky adolescent photos of  each of the 10 contestants still in the kitchen, after noting that many chefs get their calling during childhood.

I won’t spoil them but wait till you see Trevor McGrath with hair and pleated flood pants. (Scotley Innis, still in bully mode from the last episode, dubs him the “white Urkel.”) Meanwhile, a chubby young Motto clearly liked his food at an early age. At least everyone has a good laugh together befpre the heat of competition is on again. Sous chefs Christina and Jocky also get some razzing along with maitre’d Marino.

Don’t forget –  Hell’s Kitchen” is back on Fox this Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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