On Season 18, episode 9 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ fish flaws are afoot as the men’s team flops [WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

The Red Team guys were nearly perfect during last week’s dinner service – which, as you might recall, was actually a Sweet 16 birthday party for Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, Tilly. The ladies were the ones who struggled to properly cook their entrees while veteran Roe DiLeo, who was known as the steak queen during Season 13, was sent packing for her raw New York strip and other protein errors.

But this week’s  episode 9 of Season 18, which arrives bearing a half-cliché of a title, “What Happens in Vegas,” it’s Trevor and Jose’s turn be a flop at cooking fish – salmon to be exact. After getting verbally fried by Ramsay, Jose tells Trev that he’s taking over the station in the exlusive Gold Derby preview clip. Gordo says he is lost for words over their inability to get the dish right, but Jose’s inept attempt to evenly cook salmon elicits one heck of a major “bleep” from the man in charge. The fish looks like the only place it is going is into the garbage can — and even that might spit it out. Motto offers to help, but you will have to tune in to FOX at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Friday to see if the men ever get their act together.

Oh, and try not to miss this episode because it will be the last fresh “Hell’s Kitchen” show this year. But from January 4 onward, the series will air every Friday without interruption until the “Rookies vs. Veterans” season wraps up with a two-hour finale on February 2. Mark these days down on your new 2019 calendar.

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